Porous Plug Cleaning System

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Porous Plug Cleaning System

  • Therm process is pleased to introduce New Oxygen washing control system to save costly Oxygen / Argon / Nitrogen

  • Process

    Normally Oxygen washing operator cannot see Argon / Nitrogen purging process as both are on opposite side of Laddle.
    Oxygen washing operator does not know if porous plug is cleaned or not hence keeps Oxygen flame “ON”
    Thereby damaging costly refractory & causing wastage of Oxygen.
  • Similarly Argon / Nitrogen purging process is not sure whether the plug is cleaned, hence keeps unnecessarily Argon supply “ON”
  • The stopping of Oxygen & Argon is mostly carried out by assumptions & approximation.


A Control box is provided with valves to regulate Argon / Nitrogen flow.
Existing Argon / Nitrogen line shall be connected to control box inlet & outlet shall be connected to Ladle porous plug point.
A flow switch & Argon solenoid valve is provided in control box.
When plug is cleaned the Argon / Nitrogen flow starts.
This gives flasher signal to Oxygen washing operator to stop.
The signal also stop Argon gas automatically through solenoid valve.


Reduced Oxygen consumption at washing by 20%.
Unnecessary erosion of Refractory is eliminated.
Reduced Argon / Nitrogen consumption by also 50%.
Operator Firendly.