Bell Furnace Inner Cover

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Bell Furnace Inner Cover

  • Bell Annealing is a type of annealing that derives its name from the shape of the furnace used during the process.

    Bell Annealing Heats Batches of metal which are placed on a base assembly, enclosed in inner cover, and covering by furnace body.

    When the furnace is suspended from the crane it looks like Bell.

    The base assembly is the source of convection and the main method of heat transfer to charge.

  • Attractive Features

    • 1. Excellent Temperature Uniformity
    • 2. Consistent product quality
    • 3. Good production rates
    • 4. Low operating costs
    • 5. Efficient use of furnace asset by cooling with inner cover
    • 6. Saving in shop Floor space requiring less capital investment and reducing material handling