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Box / Muffle Furnace

Box / Muffle Furnace

  • Furnace with an extremely heated chamber, the walls of which radiantly heat the contents of chamber, so that the material being heated has no contact with flame.
  • Commonly there are two type of design

    • 1. Heating Element wrapped over muffle chamber
    • 2. Heating Elements inside muffle chamber
  • Attractive Features

  • No combustion involved in the heating process as it is electrically heated.

    Greater temperature uniformity

  • Muffle Furnace Standard Ratings

  • Size Rating
    4"x 4"x 9" 2 Kw
    5"x 5"x10" 3 Kw
    6"x 6"x12" 4 Kw
    9"x 9"x12" 6 Kw
    9"x 9"x18" 9 Kw