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Combustion Blower

  • Major types are centrifugal blower and positive-displacement blower.

    Centrifugal blowers look more like centrifugal pumps than fans. The impeller is typically gear-driven and rotates as fast as 2900 rpm. In multi-stage blowers, air is accelerated as it passes through each impeller.

    In single-stage blower, air does not take many turns, and hence it is more efficient. Centrifugal blowers can achieve higher pressures up to 1500 mmWC

    Types, characteristics and applications id of centrifugal blower


  • Type




    High pressure, medium flow, efficiency close to tube-axial fans, power increases continuously

    Various industrial Application Suitable for dust laden, moist air /gas

    Forward curved blades

    Medium Pressure, High Flow, dip in pressure curve, efficiency higher than Radial fans , power rises continuously

    Low Pressure HVAC package units, suitable for clean and dust laden air/ gases

    Backward Curved Blades

    High pressure, high flow, high efficiency, power reduces as flow increases beyond point of highest efficiency

    HVAC, various industrial applications forced draft fans.

    Airfoil type

    Same as backward curved, highest efficiency

    Same as backward curved but for clean air applications.